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Ordering and delivery of sushi 

The cafe "Avtosushi Avtopizza" invites all not indifferent to Japanese cuisine to appreciate our top service and excellent quality of food. If you love the different flavors of rolls, crazy about the classic sushi, you like the spicy notes of traditional salads and soups, then you are on the way with "Avtosushi Avtopizza". Doubly pleased that along with a huge selection of dishes made from fresh and carefully selected products, sushi delivery in Rostov-na-Don is free when ordering from 400 rubles. If the amount of the check was slightly less, to pay for the delivery is also not necessary, just need to make the amount of the difference.

A network of "Avtosushi Avtopizza" offers a lot of additional, not less nice bonuses:
1. We accept orders not only by phone, but also via mobile applications or through the website;
2. The payment system allows us to accept not only cash, but also to make payments by credit card when ordering, just tell the operator which method is more convenient for you;
3. If you have planned a trip to our cafe, you do not have to wait long for their dishes-call us in advance, and we will prepare everything for your arrival;
4. Finally, we regularly hold special events - it has become a good tradition for auto-Drying, expressing our attentive attitude and gratitude to all customers.

Come in a "Avtosushi Avtopizza" from 11.00 to 23.00 or order delivery from 10.00 to 22.30. We are open for you daily! The phones


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